The perfect solution and finish

Our team of plasterboard installers and finishers understand how important a high quality finish is. Equally important is choosing the right type of product for your home. Our experts not only install but also help you select the right type of Gib plasterboard including:

  • Gib for wet areas – steam and moisture damage in wet area rooms can be disastrous, expensive and time consuming to repair so it’s important to get the right kind of plasterboard for your room.
  • Gib for noise reduction – high performance plasterboard designed specifically for reducing the level of sound transmission between rooms. Its higher density core can reduce noise transmission between rooms and also between floors in two storey homes.
  • Gib for increased fire resistance – a high density, modified core resists exposure to fire longer than standard plasterboard.

We also offer high quality painting services to ensure your home looks and feels fantastic all year round.