Linda Hannam, Health & Safety Manager

Linda Hannam, Health & Safety Manager

Our Commitment To All Employees

Rigg Zschokke Ltd is committed to improving health and safety practices within its own Company and  implementing it’s Health and Safety Management System in accordance with NZS 4801:2001 – “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Specification with guidance for use”.  Rigg Zschokke Ltd is also committed to complying with all health and safety legislation, regulations, codes of practice and safe operating procedures that impact upon the Company’s operation.  Through the provision and continued adherence to the policies and procedures detailed, Rigg Zschokke Ltd seeks to promote safe and healthy work place procedures and environments for all company staff.

Specifically Rigg Zschokke Ltd is committed to:

1. Ensuring all employees are provided with a healthy and safe work environment.

2. Ensuring all employees and their representatives are consulted with and appropriately trained to a competent level to carry out the tasks asked of them.

3. Ensuring employee representatives are consulted with and responded to on issues relating to health and safety management.

4. Requiring from employees a commitment to personal safety and health practices at all times.

5. Ensuring that all contractors employed by Rigg Zschokke Ltd on their sites have adequate health and safety systems, are aware of the hazards their staff will encounter and adequately advise and control any hazards associated with their activities.

6. Ensuring that visitors to any work place are made aware of their own and Rigg Zschokke Ltd’s health and safety obligations while they are visiting.

7. Facilitating rehabilitation of employees through:

a) providing, wherever possible, opportunities for a return to meaningful work;
b) ensuring early intervention, assessment and treatment programmes for work related injuries;
c) communicating effectively with case managers and treatment providers for those employees in rehabilitation.

8. Following best practice in the management of safety, health and rehabilitation in the workplace, to the effect that:

a) all employees and contractors will be assigned health and safety responsibilities and be held accountable for these actions
b) health and safety objectives will be reviewed annually
c) Rigg Zschokke Ltd is committed to providing resources to ensure health and safety best practices and continual improvement within the Company
d) all managers will be required to show competence in health and safety management through adherence to the health and safety management system and to be trained in health and safety best practice
e) accurate reporting and recording will occur.